Saturday, December 24, 2022

Gamification of quiz in e-learning

There is nothing wrong with ticks and cross mark feedback in quizzes, but give some thought to this. As a learner, what will you be more motivated to respond to - a quiz that throws questions at you like an interrogation or a quiz that has a story, a challenge, nice visuals and some sound? No, we are not talking about building a full game to render a quiz of 10 questions. We're only asking if you ever considered gamification of any part of a quiz so learners are motivated. Learners must remain engaged throughout the course and that includes quizzes. We'll take an example and show you how a quiz can be gamified.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Jumbled Letters - A word game for elearning

Validating the response to a fill-in-the-blanks question in an e-learning assessment is tricky. The first reason is that there can be more than one acceptable spelling to a word, mainly arising from American vs. British spelling. Secondly, if a question has more than one blank to be filled in, then we must let the program know if the order of responses is important or not. Thirdly, some questions may themselves have other correct answers. Finally, this works best with single words and not with phrases. A game like hangman (hangaroo, if you remember) can be a substitute to a typical fill-in-the-blanks question as it overcomes these challenges. This post discusses a game design that can overcome these problems just like hangman does. This is called Jumbled Letters. Play the game here below...

Friday, December 2, 2022

Ordering Game - Tower of Hanoi

One of the easiest puzzle games to build digitally is the Tower of Hanoi. It is a game which involves Ordering and Arrangement of disks on a tower (a stick or a rod). In e-learning content, you will find situations which involve ordering of items. Items may be arranged based on Size, Quantity, Position, Time, etc.. A topic about the size of planets in the solar system involves visualizing the planets from big to small (or vice-versa). Similarly, an e-learning module on climate change or quantity of carbon emissions involves visualizing the data from more to less. Likewise, a Standard Operating Procedure will require visualizing the order of Steps in the SOP.

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