About this blog

Great minds discuss ideas. Anyone involved with elearning, L&D and digital content are always on the lookout for creative ideas that they can ponder, discuss and implement in their work. Elearning and digital content are fields that seek continuous flow of ideas, creative thoughts and innovation. Elearningletters was started with the intent of addressing these needs.

Elearningletters is a blog that posts fresh and innovative ideas, topics related to elearning, experiments, know-hows, elearning simulations, elearning games and other elearning examples. Wherever possible, we also include real interactions including games and simulations right on the blog, so you can try it out yourself to gain a first hand experience.

Who will benefit from this blog?

  • Instructional Designers
  • Elearning Developers / Programmers
  • Elearning enthusiasts
  • L&D Professionals
  • Digital Content and Media Professionals
  • Creators and Innovators

This is a place full of ideas. Even if you cannot use an idea directly, you might be able to build over the ideas presented here. Idea building is an ongoing exercise. So come back every week to see if there is something new that you can take from here or adapt to your work. We will also regularly update our older posts.

If you are able to use an idea from here, please include a link back to our post with a note on your inspiration so others can read our posts too.

You can reach out to us from the contact form, if you want:

  • Ideas to do something new in elearning
  • Help in developing a storyboard or content
  • To share feedback on the blog

Enjoy reading!

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